Our body tells the story of our life

Our body tells the story of our life. It is sculpted according to the emotions experienced throughout the years. The difficulties and ordeals of existence leave their traces, especially in the form of muscular tensions.

By untying our physical knots, we allow our body to release oppressive emotional memories and thus free us from the traumas of our past and the wounds inscribed in our body.

a Somatic approach

The practice of EG® makes it possible to establish a relationship between our body, space, and our inner reality.

Gain flexibility

By practicing slow conscious movements, without forcing and at your own pace.

Regain balance

Physical, emotional and mental, with the practice of the EG® and find a feeling of fullness.

Who can practice?

EG® is beneficial for people of all ages. It is also for those who wish to learn about themselves.

Discover the benefits of EG®

Reclaiming one’s body

Developing awareness of ‘’the body that we are’’

individuals or groups are offered

Simple, easy and efficient


Martine Veilleux

Founder of EG®


Sylvie Brodeur



Manon Larivée



Farida Zerar