Emotional Gymnastics®

Our body tells the story of our life

Our body tells the story of our life. It is sculpted according to the emotions experienced throughout the years. The difficulties and ordeals of existence leave their traces, especially in the form of muscular tensions.

By untying our physical knots, we allow our body to release oppressive emotional memories and thus free us from the traumas of our past and the wounds inscribed in our body.

Gain flexibility

By practising slow conscious movements, we can release our muscles from stiffness that has accumulated over time.

Live better

By loosening muscle stiffness and clearing emotional memories, we can reclaim our body.

a somatic approach

The practice of EG makes it possible to establish a relationship between our body, space, and our inner reality

For who?

For all those who want to know a little more about themselves or who have problems with the neck, back, digestion, insomnia and many others.

image qui représente l'équilibre

Regain physical, emotional and mental balance

Online or in-room, individual sessions or in groups.

Easy to practice at your own pace, without forcing

la praticienne Martine Veilleux

Martine Veilleux

EG® Founder


Tél: 514-231-4459
photo de Sylvie Brodeur

Sylvie Brodeur

EG® Practitioner


Tél.: 450-974-1853
la praticienne Manon Larivée

Manon Larivée

EG® Practitioner


Tél.: 514-262-4458

Farida Zerar

EG® Practitioner


Tél.: 438-875-2244

About us

The Martine Veilleux Center was created in the early 1990 by Martine Veilleux, graduate in Somatic Educator from Québec University (UQAM) and founder of EG®.

This center provides ÉG® sessions and trains practitioners in this body method.
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