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la praticienne Martine Veilleux

Martine Veilleux

EG® trainer and practitioner

She obtained a post-graduate studies degree in somatic education (DESS) at l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). For more than fifteen years she has been teaching Emotional Gymnastics (EG) in her Montréal center (Centre Martine Veilleux) and since the pandemic, she gives sessions online.

She had already practised Madame Bertherat’s Anti-gymnastics technique. This approach enthused her, as it enabled her to free herself from her inner sufferings. It allowed her body to loosen the muscular rigidities she had accumulated due to the trials of the past. So it was with great interest that she followed the training in Anti-gymnastics and that she graduated in 1997. Up until 2004, She participated every two years in training courses in order to deepen her knowledge in this field.

With time, as the pedagogy of her practice changed, she became aware that the term ‘’Anti-gymnastics’’did not suit her teaching. This led to her decision to create her own approach namely, ’’Emotional Gymnastics’’, inspired by the following :

– Anti-gymnastics

– The Sensory Awareness Approach

– Françoise Mézières who discovered the existence of the posterior muscle chain

She remains passionate about the Emotional Gymnastics approach, since it never ceases to demonstrate to her the extent of the possibilities we all have.

Phone.: 514-231-4459

photo de Sylvie Brodeur

Sylvie Brodeur

EG® Practitioner

Description of his route will be available shortly

Phone: 450-974-1853

la praticienne Manon Larivée

Manon Larivée

EG® Practitioner

Description of his route will be available shortly

Phone: 514-262-4458

La praticienne Farida Gouraya-Zerar

Farida Gouraya-Zerar

EG® Practitioner

Description of his route will be available shortly

Phone: 438-875-2244

Non-active practitioners

– Louise Catafard

– Maïté Gomez

– Caroline Turcotte

– Nicole Sévigny

– Ophélie Garcia

– Lorraine Lefebvre

– Nathalie Fournier

Professional training in Emotional Gymnastics®

To be eligible for this training, it is necessary to have practiced Emotional Gymnastics® over a period of 4 cycles of 10 sessions on a regular basis and to have a high school diploma.

Before the acceptance of an application, an interview will be granted to the person to determine if they are suitable to become a practitioner in EG®. If so, they will be given a detailed description of the EG® training program.

The training is given by Martine Veilleux, EG® practitioner and somatic educator graduated from UQAM. At the end of the training, a diploma is given to each participant certifying that he is able to practice the method of Emotional Gymnastics®.

Professional training in Emotional Gymnastics® is recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Revenue and by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Canada. It is therefore tax deductible.

About us

The Martine Veilleux Center was created in the early 1990 by Martine Veilleux, graduate in Somatic Educator from Québec University (UQAM) and founder of EG®.

This center provides ÉG® sessions and trains practitioners in this body method.
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