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To participate in the sessions

Registration for sessions

If you wish to participate in Emotional Gymnastics® sessions, all you have to do is make an appointment by email or by phone with one of the practitioners of your choice.

Beginner sessions

Before starting the group or individual sessions, the practitioner will give you for the moment a meeting online either by Google Meet, Skype or Zoom in order to establish a first contact. After this exchange, a form will be sent to you to complete your file 

Reimbursement of sessions

In case of absence from a session, there is no refund, however you can resume it according to your availability.  

Fall 2021 schedule

Online group sessions

with Martine Veilleux


Phone: 514-231-4459

Beginner groups Quebec

– D1, Tuesday, 07-09 au 09-11,

14h30 à 15h45

– D2, Saturday, 11-09 au 13-11,

14h00 à 15h15

Beginner groups Europe

– D3, Thursday, 09-09 au 11-11,

10h30 à 11h45

(Montreal time)

16h30 à 17h45

(European time)

Regular Groups Quebec

R1, Wednesday, 08-09 au 10-11,

17h30 à 18h45

– R2, Thursday, 09-09 au 11-11,

14h30 à 15h45

– R3, Saturday, 11-09 au 13-11,

10h30 à 11h45

Regular groups Europe

– R4, Friday, 10-09 au 12-11,

12h00 à 13h15

(Montreal time)

18h00 à 19h15

(European time)

Receipts under the banner of the ANN are given

Online Group Sessions

with Sylvie Brodeur


Phone: 450-974-1853

Beginner Groups Quebec and Europe

Schedule to come

Regular groups Quebec and Europe

– R1, Sunday, 26-09 au 28-11,

14h00 à 15h15

(Montreal time)

20h00 à 21h15

(European time)

Online and indoor group sessions

with Manon Larivée


Phone: 514-262-4458

Beginner Groups Quebec

– D1, Tuesday, 14-09 au 15-11,

18h00 à 19h15

– D2, Tuesday, le 14-09 au 15-11,

19h30 à 20h45

Regular Groups Quebec

– R1, Thusday 16-09 au 18-11

19h à 20h30.

Beginner and regular groups Europe

Schedule to come

Receipts are given

Online Individual sessions

with Farida Zerar


Phone: 438-875-2244

Quebec, Europe and Algeria schedule to come

Price of online sessions

Price Indoor sessions

Individual session: 25.$

5 Group sessions: 125.$

10 Group sessions: 250.$

Individual session: 80.$

5 Group sessions: 200.$

10 Group sessions: 400.$

About us

The Martine Veilleux Center was created in the early 1990 by Martine Veilleux, graduate in Somatic Educator from Québec University (UQAM) and founder of EG®.

This center provides ÉG® sessions and trains practitioners in this body method.
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